The UN and Human Rights

In December of 1948 the UN Declaration of Human Rights came into being. It was a fine statement covering the rights of people to enjoy human rights, such as the right to clean water and freedom, etc. To this day the UN spends a great percentage of its time in pursuing these lofty goals.

There is a problem here with the many members of the United Nations, a majority do not give basic rights to their own people whether it is religious, rights of women, etc. In order to keep this club of nations together, there is usually a cursory condemnation of one country or another, but nothing is really done about it. Legislation by committee in any form is an unsuccessful endeavor.

As examples Darfur continues to suffer loss of lives through human rights abuses. Women in Afghanistan are as covered up as before. Throughout Africa and Latin America genocide of Indians and others continue periodically. By the time it is condemned the government has already accomplished its goal. Yes, occasionally a peacekeeping force is sent. But they have been unsuccessful in Africa and the Middle East. This is because the countries really represent their own nations, even though they wear the blue helmet of the United Nations. An unpopular figure like Saddam Hussein sometimes is successfully removed. But, only because a powerful nation takes the lead. Remember the United Nations has members with veto power to stop any action that they strongly disagree with.

The United Nations is a debating society that does not want outside forces to probe their systems. The United States also would object and veto an effort to see what goes on its vast prison system. Israel and the Palestinians have ignored the United Nations. This august body is political like all things and picks the country to condemn, not with the worst record, but the most unpopular one at the time.

In defense of the United Nations, in the 1930's when it was called the League of Nations, when Italy was condemned they withdrew from the League, as Germany later did. The United Nations does not want countries to withdraw, so lip service and going through the motions is what it does best.