The United Nations

On October 24, 1945 the United Nation was created. Presently there are 192 members. The United Nations succeeded the League of Nations which was considered to be unproductive as an international governing institution because it could not stop World War II. The five members of the Security Council which are The United States, The United Kingdom, and France, The Soviet Union and the Republic of China plus 46 of the other nations all voted to put an end to the League of Nations.

The headquarters is located in New York City but the land it is built on and the buildings are internationally owned. There are six languages which are officially used at the United Nations. Those languages are English, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese, Russian and French. The United Nations also has its own post office, postage stamps, and its own flag.

The General Assembly is where the members meet. Each member or nation is allowed one vote. The votes are not binding, but they are influential in decision making. The overall purpose of the UN is to bring the nations of the world together so that peace can be obtained. The goals of the United Nations include:

• attempting to keep world peace
• creating friendly relations between the nations
• improving people’s lives by helping to end poverty, illiteracy and disease
• stopping the destruction of the environment
• encouraging nations to respect one another’s freedoms and rights

All members of the United Nations are given equal sovereignty and they must adhere to the rules of the UN Charter. Members must also agree to find peaceful solutions to disputes and conflicts. Plus they must try to avoid the use of force or threatening to use force to settle their differences. The UN must not interfere with any domestic issues of any country and all of the nations in the United Nations must assist the UN in any way possible.