Travel and Tourism's Support for UN's Climate Change

In an initiative to raise awareness and bring about positive change for the protection of the environment, the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), has challenged the Travel and Tourism Industry to play a leading role in the effort. The latter’s support, in being a responsible steward of the environment, is crucial in spearheading the global push to creating a Green Economy.

UNWTO Ministers' Summit

2009's United Nations World Tourism Organization Minister's Summit takes place on Tuesday, November 10, and promises an enlightening half-day program. This year's theme, "Roadmap for Recovery: Sustainable tourism in challenging times," could not have been timed better, as consumers across the globe are still reeling from the downturn in the economy. Three panels are planned, and the information presented should offer some insights into making the most of the current situation.

United Nations and Sustainable Tourism — The U.N. Plan

In 2002, the United Nations and sustainable tourism converged as part of the World Summit on Sustainable Development. Sustainable tourism is a business model that attempts to limit the impact tourism has on the people and environment of a tourist destination. Increases in tourism, while an economic positive, can overtax the local natural resources that residents rely on, resulting in more harm done than good. The goal is to lessen the negative impact that tourism can have on environmentally sensitive areas of countries ill-equipped to deal with environmental issues.

European Tourism Active Against the Crisis

In these times of severe financial crisis, world travel and tourism has proved to be a resilient market. The European member states of UNWTO feel that with strategic planning, this sector could help improve global economic conditions.

The UN and Human Rights

In December of 1948 the UN Declaration of Human Rights came into being. It was a fine statement covering the rights of people to enjoy human rights, such as the right to clean water and freedom, etc. To this day the UN spends a great percentage of its time in pursuing these lofty goals.

The United Nations and Business

In 2001 the United Nations adopted the Millennium Development Goals with a deadline to achieve them by 2015. As a direct result the relationship between the United Nations and Business has steadily grown in order to meet these goals, and the United Nations has created or expanded a number of instruments through which to foster business alliances.

The United Nations

On October 24, 1945 the United Nation was created. Presently there are 192 members. The United Nations succeeded the League of Nations which was considered to be unproductive as an international governing institution because it could not stop World War II. The five members of the Security Council which are The United States, The United Kingdom, and France, The Soviet Union and the Republic of China plus 46 of the other nations all voted to put an end to the League of Nations.

Rail travel in Europe

Whether you are planning on traveling a short, medium or long distance, the rail is an excellent mode of transportation in Europe. There are railways across the entire continent with the majority falling in the western and central areas. While many believe trains are outdated in a world with planes, this is simply not the case. Trains are quite a bit more comfortable, they run more frequently and, in many cases, are cheaper than flying.

Explore Berlin

Not only is Berlin the largest city in Germany, it is also the capital. Given the historical significance of this European city, it is no wonder Berlin ranks high on any travelers list of cities to visit.

Explore Europe and the World - Welcome

In this busy society we do not think too much about taking some time off to travel and see the world. There are so many interesting countries out there that we should all experience. Going to a place that is unfamiliar can be daring, adventurous, and/or a positive experience that can change the outlook of your life.