The Electronic Cigarette and the European-Union

The European Union does not like the electronic cigarettes. The question that many citizens of the European Union and of other countries such as the United States have is just why is this so? Why would the European union so strongly dislike electronic cigarettes that they would even be considering a ban on this product? That's right, the electronic cigarette, that type of tobacco that is less addictive, and with an innumerable list of benefits as compared to ordinary tobacco, is under a ban consideration by the European Union. The elephant in the room when one reads about this consideration of a ban by the EU is just what the motivations they would have to ban this non-carcinogenic tobacco product. Upon researching the rationale for such a ban, there is often a vague motivation: many EU members note how they would allow the electronic cigarette for medicinal purposes. By having this designation, retailers of this product would be forced to go through a labyrinthine and convoluted application and licensure process, and would force many merchant to stop marketing this important product.

This much-healthier alternative to tobacco has already been embraced by the United States and many of the rest of the countries in North America. However, the countries of the European Union have been considerably more hesitant to consider this healthy alternative to regular tobacco. Perhaps its the stigmas of cigarettes as a whole, or perhaps its because there is not a standard in place in order to tax and regulate the sale and commerce of e-cigarettes. Interestingly enough, Germany and Holland actually applied to have the ability to regulate the sale and use of electronic tobacco, but they were denied by the EU court to have the ability to do so. Why would this be so? Why would the EU court not even allow for e-cigarettes to be sold and regulated? Perhaps it has something to do with the "stigma" that the ordinary cigarette has garnered over the last five decades, or perhaps there are still some concerns for some members of EU. Here are some reasons why EU members might be hesitant to fully embrace the use of e-cigarettes:

E-cigarettes are legal for children to use

Currently there is no regulation regarding the minimum age the a consumer of e-cigarettes can be in the European Union. This could cause a problem when you consider that many smokers of ordinary cigarettes started in their early teens.

There is concern that people who have kicked the habit might start it again

Another issue that the European Union might be looking at is concern over individuals who once had the happen of smoking ordinary tobacco, kicked the habit, and are now using this type of electronic cigarette. Unfortunately, many believe they are missing the boat. The reason is because the e-cigarette only contains the nicotine that individuals have developed a dependence upon. It does not contain any of a number of the countless toxins that an ordinary cigarette might have.


Currently there is no system to tax the e-cigarette in Europe.