UNWTO and the WTM 2010 Reinvigorate The Tourism Industry

For the first time, the UN World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) and London’s internationally-renowned World Travel Market (WTM) are joining forces to reinvigorate the global travel industry following an economic downturn. The UNWTO Ministers’ Summit and the WTM bring together political leaders, industry professionals and international economic experts in an unprecedented four-day event held between November 8th and November 11th, 2010, at London’s ExCeL convention center.

On November 9th, 2010, the Ministers’ Summit will convene with international representatives and the world’s leading experts on economics and tourism to discuss how political leaders and members of the travel industry can encourage growth in the tourism sector despite the current economic conditions. The Minister’s Summit will conclude with the first press conference of its kind outlining the outcome and major decisions achieved during the global summit.

The fourth annual UNWTO Ministers’ Summit and the first held in conjunction with the WTM 2010 marks the global premier of the Silk Road Media Mart, a presentation showcasing travel destinations in Central Asia, the Middle East, and Eurasia. Scheduled for November 10th, 2010, the Silk Road Media Mart will highlight upcoming media events scheduled for 2011 and give attendants a chance to network with foreign representatives from countries along the Silk Road.

To foster sustainable business practices for the economy and the environment, the conference program includes a presentation from Tavel Rifai, Secretary-General of the UNWTO, as well as a dialogue on global sports tourism and the World Responsible Tourism Day, an international action day supported by the UNWTO and the WTM. A large portion of the Minister’s Summit held at the WTM 2010 is about providing leadership to the global travel industry and establishing environmentally-friendly and economically-stable business operations while working toward a carbon neutral future.

Themes for the global conference include strengthening the tourism industry and shaping the future of political decisions and business models to ensure economic growth. Due to fragile economic conditions, the conference agenda includes discussions regarding global challenges, industry initiatives and innovations, climate change, investments and partnerships and a variety of concerns felt by businesses and government officials. Focusing on social issues and current trends, the summit’s objective is to raise awareness about the importance of working together to achieve a common goal and economic stability in the tourism and travel sectors.

The lineup for the historic UNWTO and WTM conference of 2010 includes more than 75 Ministers of Tourism from all over the world as well as the industry’s leading minds, who are coming together to create a decisive solution to bolster the future success of the tourism sector in a post-recession economy. In addition to opinions and insight from political leaders and industry representatives, the Ministers’ Summit will be moderated by CNN analyst and business expert Richard Quest, who will open the global dialogue between nations and industry and begin formulating answers to the economic challenges facing the businesses and countries that rely on global tourism.