Explore Europe and the World - Welcome

In this busy society we do not think too much about taking some time off to travel and see the world. There are so many interesting countries out there that we should all experience. Going to a place that is unfamiliar can be daring, adventurous, and/or a positive experience that can change the outlook of your life.

If you feel going to a place that is unfamiliar is just not your style then consider traveling to Europe. In England majority of the people speak english so you will be able to get by without relying on outside help too much. After becoming comfortable and accustomed to England, you will then have the option to travel outside your comfort zone like Germany. This is an advantage when traveling in Europe, you have Germany, France, Italy at your fingertips.

However if you are feeling a little wild then go to a place where there isn't much modern technology and experience an alternative way of life. Eat what the natives eat, bathe where the natives bathe, sleep where the natives sleep. You will have a much better appreciation for the life you live back at home or may decide you need to change the way you live back at home. Whatever the case maybe you will come back a changed person.

Travel to Afrika, Afrika is one of the most culturally rich places that exists. You will hear different languages, learn about different religions, see different sites, most of all learn how people live together in communities. Before traveling you should read up on the country and prepare yourself. Make sure all your vaccination is completed before traveling anywhere. Learn what maybe considered "bad manners" in another country, the last thing you want to do is offend someone.

Also be careful of the water or the types of food you eat. Your stomach may not be accustomed to certain spices, or types of cooking. You don't want to become ill at an unfamilar place, this will make your vacation very unpleasant. So take it easy and eat small portions to test out your body's response to the food or drink.

Participate in the religion or cermonies conducted at your location. You may find yourself very surprised at how broad your perspective will become. This will help you feel part of the native community, or part of something larger in the world all together. You will never know unless you try it.

When traveling keep an open mind. Do not be quick to judge the native people of whatever country you are visiting. Ask questions, people like to talk about themselves and about their culture or religion. You will find that you will learn alot from just listening. Do not try to impose your way of life or beliefs on others. You can suggest things but do not be forceful. Always be humble, and remember to use alot of sun screen.