European Tourism Active Against the Crisis

In these times of severe financial crisis, world travel and tourism has proved to be a resilient market. The European member states of UNWTO feel that with strategic planning, this sector could help improve global economic conditions.

While many European countries have taken measures to tackle this situation like reinforcing promotion, credit facilitation and fiscal incentives, UNWTO urged major European stakeholders to participate actively in their roadmap to recovery. While the projected stagnation in tourism globally is 2% European destinations would be hard hit with a projection of 3% negative growth. As before, UNWTO will cover monitoring market behavior and nurture best practices; control tourism policy and governance; and support tourism measure which in turn can increase employment and sustainable growth along with new infrastructure creation. Europe has been one of the most favored destinations with about 53% market share. There are about 500 million people touring Europe generating revenue of $434 million. Domestic tourism too has contributed significantly.

Amidst all the chaos, Germany has emerged as the most favored meeting and event organizing destination. 82.3% of the experts agree to this statement, while in 2007 just 71.6% of the experts believed so. The reputation of Germany has clearly been on the rise in the past few years. Germany has been the number one destination for local as well as European event organizers considering the ease of reaching the place, quality of infrastructure and event facilities and other factors like security and tourist places. In the hotel industry too, Germany is ranked first in Europe’s ranking with almost 44,812 lodging companies. In fact Germany’s hotel industry has reported a turnover of 26 billion Euros from restaurants alone. It is these factors that may help Germany face the current tourism crisis and help it emerge as a winner. These ratings are justified by the figures. In 2008 a total of 2.76 million events were organized which were attended by 318 million people. This has proved that despite the current economic crisis, tourists equaling four times the total German population have toured Germany. Although the event management with regard to meeting and conventions were relatively unaffected by the crisis in 2008, there has been a decrease in the organization of smaller seminars and training courses.

Experts are of the opinion that the crisis will further strengthen Germany’s position. Germany, on an international level, excels in readjusting with the market, improvising provider – organizer relationship with focus on return on investment, and the creativity and quality of coveted assets.