EU Classifies E Cigarettes as a Tobacco Product

On Tuesday a draft law that was created to make tobacco products less appealing to the younger generations was passed by Parliament. This now means that all packs must place a health warning label over 65% of the packaging. The approved text reads, "Fruit, menthol flavours and small packs should be banned, and electronic cigarettes should be regulated but as medicinal products only if they claim curative or preventive properties."

Targeting the Young

The Electronic Cigarette and the European-Union

The European Union does not like the electronic cigarettes. The question that many citizens of the European Union and of other countries such as the United States have is just why is this so? Why would the European union so strongly dislike electronic cigarettes that they would even be considering a ban on this product?

Revitalizing Japan’s Tourism Sector: A Modern Day Challenge

The aftermath of the devastating earthquake and tsunami that struck Japan in March 2011 not only brought much of the country’s infrastructure to its knees, but also had a significant impact on the Japanese tourism industry as both inbound and outbound travel greatly declined.

The Importance of Tourism

A Study of the Effect of the International Smoking Ban on World Wide Tourism


This study will examine the effects of smoking bans on world-wide tourism. Experts are concerned that bans could affect the number of tourism dollars circulated if there is ban on smoking. Our preliminary research leads scientists to believe that tourism will not be affected.


New Energy Project launched in Indonesia

The United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) along with the Indonesian Ministry of Culture and Tourism (MoCT) have launched a new energy efficiency project. The project is called “Sustainable Tourism through Energy Efficiency with Adaptation and Mitigation Measures in Pangandaran” (STREAM). The official presentation of STREAM was made in Jakarta, Indonesia on 13 June 2011. The Secretary-General of UNWTO, the Indonesian Minister of Culture and Tourism, along with many representatives participated in the event.

South Africa's President participates in the UNWTO/WTTC Global Campaign

The World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) and the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC), who are spearheading the Global Leaders for Tourism Campaign, have been courting government leaders around the world with Open Letters which invite them to join the campaign. The main component behind the campaign is the stance that tourism is a vital part of the global economy, driving not only employment opportunities but also the push towards a Green Economy.

United Nations World Tourism Organization Silk Road Summit

The UNWTO Silk Road Ministers' Summit is an event being hosted by the World Tourism Organization, a division of the United Nations. The Summit is designed to bring together leaders in the tourism industry from the 24 member nations to discuss ways to increase tourism while benefiting member nations in the development of sustainable tourism in a responsible manner, with a special interest in helping developing countries following the guidelines set forth in the Silk Road Action Plan.

Is World Tourism Set to Rebound?

After a dismal 2009, United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) predictions indicate a potential up-tick in world tourism for 2010 and 2011. Data for the last quarter of 2009 indicate that world tourism increased significantly over the first three quarters, coinciding with the improving economic conditions noted during the same period. The upward trend is notable, as the three preceding quarters witnessed a shrinkage of up to 12 percent.

UNWTO and the WTM 2010 Reinvigorate The Tourism Industry

For the first time, the UN World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) and London’s internationally-renowned World Travel Market (WTM) are joining forces to reinvigorate the global travel industry following an economic downturn. The UNWTO Ministers’ Summit and the WTM bring together political leaders, industry professionals and international economic experts in an unprecedented four-day event held between November 8th and November 11th, 2010, at London’s ExCeL convention center.